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Searching For Prehistoric Cave Above Marušići, Omiš Riviera

Published on 11/01/2017 by amedic

I was always interested in prehistoric history, and as a boy I have read about prehistoric cave above small tourist village called Marušići on Omiš Riviera. The cave is called “Lisičja” or “The Fox Cave”, I can only imagine that in recent past the locals found a fox lair there. In the cave are founded traces of prehistoric inhabitants that may be older that 10000 years. I live near by, and I’m usually hiking in the vicinity and I have decided that today is finally a great day for exploration hiking!

Journey begins. Starting path is an easy uphill road.

On that sloppy cliff is located the Fox Cave.

After 10 minutes of climbing, I have managed to find some sort of an old path.

Next part was a bit tricky. At that point I didn’t know that I have missed the cave.

Stone, and nothing but the stone.

At this point I realized that I have missed the cave. I have been climbing for a while now, and should have seen it.

I climbed on that cliff, only to realize that the cave is under me. It is a large cliff, I think it has around 50 meters…

… but the view is breathtaking. In distance are Pisak, Brela, Baško Polje and Makarska.

I went down and around the cliff, and I have finally saw it – Lisičja Cave!

That stones on the entrance must have been brought there, because if they have fallen above the cliff there is no way that they would not have fallen down the hill.

That is a beautiful view from the room, don’t you think 🙂

Good by the “Fox” cave. See you soon!

Going down was easy after I have found the path.

“Lisičja” cave location

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