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Countless and beautiful beaches
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Marušići – Tourist destination with countless and beautiful pebble beaches

Marušići are small tourist destination on the Omiš Riviera, located 13 km SE from Omiš. Most of the beaches are hidden behind the steep and rocky hill slides. They are mainly small and intimate, great for those who like the beach for them self and to explore. But you can also find bigger beaches excellent for families with kids. Most of the beaches are not crowded even in the peak of the season. In the village you can find a restaurant and a grocery store. Marušići are known for beautiful pebble beaches. There are more than dozens of them, thus if you are looking for your part of paradise, in Marusici you will definitely find it. Like all destinations along the Omiš Riviera, above the Marusici is Dinara mountain. It is a great location for trekking and hiking along the various old paths and roads. But we advise for appropriate equipment for these kind of activities.

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