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Mimice – Perfect destination for truly relaxing holidays

This beautiful tourist destination is one of the oldest settlements on the Omiš Riviera, founded in the 17th century. Like most of the other settlements along the riviera, economy of the village based on agriculture (mostly wines and cherries) and fishing. And today, they are real indigenous village with authentic feel of Dalmatia. In the past couple decades the village becomes a perfect tourist destination. They has it all, big pebble beaches with beach bars, restaurants on the beach, rental boats and a sea promenade for romantic summer night walks. There is also a big supermarket in the village. Like on all rivieras destination, here on mountain slopes you can find excellent roads and paths for trekking and hiking. So all you need to do is park your car, leave it where you parked it for the duration of your holiday and enjoy in this beautiful village for truly relaxation holiday.

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