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Medici – Perfect holiday destination

Medići are picturesque tourist and vacation destination located in the middle between Split and Makarska on the Omiš Riviera. They have only around 100 inhabitants but they have beautiful, long and pebble beaches what makes them as a perfect family getaway destination. There are dozens of beaches along the coast, small ones, big ones, hidden one, beaches with beach bars, beaches with a restaurant, and all of them are suitable for kids. There is also a beach promenade and a lots of exceptional accommodations, there is even a sunken ship in the shallow sea. Like all destinations along the Omiš Riviera, in Medici you will find excellent mountain old paths and small roads for trekking and hiking. All of that makes Medići as a great destination for perfect and relaxing holiday what you and your family deserve!

Unterkunft in der Medići