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Omiš – małe miasto na wielką przygodę

Published on 03/29/2017 by amedic

Omiš is a beautiful town in middle Dalmatia, that find its place in an unbelievable part of the Earth. Surrounded by high mountains that river Cetina splits in half, like a hot knife in the butter. And in the front is crystal clear Adriatic sea. Did I mention that river Cetina has carved marvelous canyon and it is one of the cleanest rivers in Europe. And Omiš scenery is truly incredible. The whole old town is built in stone, which is abundant in Dalmatia. While you are walking on old stone floors, that is now nicely polished and it is a silence reminder of the Omiš’s old and famous history, it is impossible to remain indifferent. All of that makes it a great tourist destination, where you will find great restaurants in amazing ambient and with great authentic Dalmatian food. Here you can enjoy in beautiful walks, hiking, diving, fishing and in all thing that makes one destination on Adriatic a great tourist destination. You can check it all in Omis Travel Guide.

Who wants an adventure?

But what if you want more, what if you want to experience a real adventure? Look no more! Omiš has it all, Omiš is an adventure. Want to try free climbing in amazing slopes? Checked. Rafting on fast and clean waters? Checked. Extreme canyoning? Done. Want to go down on wire through canyon with speeds more than 65 km/h? Try Zip line. Or maybe paragliding? Sure. It is best to watch this video from Official Omiš Touris Board (, and to see what am I talking about:

You can see, there are a lots of things to in Omiš. I mean, a really lots of thing to do! But as I mention previously, I want to talk about a little bit more exciting things what you may experience in Omiš. And firstly we start with rafting.



Rafting is most popular adrenaline sport on river Cetina. There are a lots experienced, trained and qualified operators that offers tours on river Cetina. The journey lasts for 3 -4 hours. And really everybody can enjoy in rafting. You will be introduced with short training, will have a skipper and an adventure can start! Journey ends in resort called Radmanove Mlinice where you can rest and enjoy in beautiful nature scenery and Dalmatian cuisine.


Free climbing

This sport is also popular in Omiš and surranding area because the canyon’s cliff’s of the river Cetina provides an excellent polygons. Of course, for this sport you will need to have some sort of previous experience to conquer various difficult slopes. But you can also start here and to learn how to climb with experienced free climbers. This picture below is not from the canyon, but it is from above near by place on Omiš Riviera called Pisak.  Picture and the cave are simple amazing not to share (picture copyright:




Canyoning is a combination of swimming, climbing and running. And what is the better track than marvelous canyon of river Cetina. It has it all. Crystal clean water (you don’t need to take drinks, if you are thirsty simple drink the river), underground tunnels, slopes various paths.  It is best to watch video about canyoning to see what it is about (copyright:


Zip line

The idea behind the zip line is relatively simple. The wire is put in a big altitude, on some parts it is more than 150 m high. And you are running with the speeds of more than 65 km/h. And it is fun, it is very, very fun! There are 8 wires and the whole journey lasts for several hours.


As you can see, Omiš has a lots to offer. So better start to plan your next holidays on time 🙂



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